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What are we living for? Who are we?  Where do we come from?
Why are we living? Where are we going? What is life?

Humanity has lost its reality of life through the ignorance created by the ego which leads to more and more superficiality, confusion, pain, pretend and loneliness. Regardless of all social media, technological evolution and accumulated material wealth we lose more and more meaning and authentic happiness of life.

We gather more and more information that brings more separatism of knowledge (reality)  that leads to less and less wisdom of life (our situation). This is partly the outcome of ignorance and partly of incapacitation by deliberate misinformation.

Authentic contemporary Gnosis as well as the ancient Gnostic manuscripts offer understanding of our time as well as keys to unveil the hidden knowledge contained in all the world’s Mystery Schools, Religions and Myths.

Gnosis seeks to free us end the pain in our hearts and minds by awakening the consciousness within our Essence and with it unlocking the knowledge of Life and Death that enables us to find the meaning and wisdom of our own Life and life in general.


The Gnostic Society Samael Aun Weor is an esoteric school based in Mandurah providing classes, practices, exercises and teachings that enable a student to answer their own questions on the nature of existence and to transform themselves through their own work and experience.

The Mandurah Gnosis Centre is a non-for-profit organisation that is a part of the national Australian Gnostic Association which is a part of the international Gnostic Society Samael Aun Weor. It is run by volunteers who study, practice and live the Gnostic path.

The Mandurah Gnosis Centre has been teaching the knowledge in Mandurah for over five years. The current instructors have been studying and teaching for eleven years.

Gnosis is open to everyone and we at the Mandurah Gnosis Centre extend an invitation to anyone who truly wants to transform their lives for the better.